CubeX Duo 3D

3D spausdintuvas (dviejų galvučių)


2288,00 Eur

Techniniai duomenys

Max. Build Size (HxWxD) 240 x 230 x 265mm
Printing Technology Plastic Jet Printing (PJP)
Connectivity Print files from USB drive
No. of Print Heads 2
No. of Colours/Materials per Print 2 colours and materials in one build
Layer Thickness 125 micron (0.125mm)
Materials Uses ABS and PLA plastic in a sealed cartridge
Model Supports Use PLA/ABS/Dissolvable natural PLA. Break away support material with fingers or cutters where possible.
Software Supplied with CubeX client software to prepare CubeX ready files. See 'Features' for more details
Height 598mm
Width 515mm
Depth 515mm
Weight 37kg

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