Avtek Video 175 (4:3)

Matt-White; black borders


53,00 Eur

Techniniai duomenys

Control type:Manual

Screen dimensions:1750 x 1750 mm


Side black frames:25 mm

Viewing area:1700 x 1275 mm

Black TOP:445 mm

Black bottom:30 mm

Housing length:Check technical drawing mm

Housing cross-section:63 x 63 mm

Projection surface:Matt White

Slow Return Control SRC:No

In-ceiling installation:No

Product code:1EVS23

  • White metal casing
  • Lower bar made of hard material protecting surface from creasing
  • Pull-up safety catch
  • Lower bar height adjustable
  • Ideal for ceiling or wall mounting
  • High quality Matt White projection surface
  • Gain factor 1.0
  • Black frames increase perceived contrast ratio
  • Black TOP - screen can be positioned at viewer’s eye level

Warranty: standard 2 years or extended 3 years after free registration on www.avtek.eu/warranty

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