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About interactive whiteboards:

Today children are born in the world of technology and they use technology at their every step, and we must keep up with them. A great way to combine the latest technologies and the process of education: interactive whiteboards. Engage students with gamified lessons in minutes.

Interactive lessons engage children, the tasks performed by the board allows them to remember and understand all the material provided. The award-winning SMART Notebook software lets you to choose the images you want to show and interactive objects from the database of more than 6,000 objects, and you can add them whenever you want. This allows you to make lessons more interesting and creative.

Benefits using SMART interactive whiteboards 

When you purchase SMART interactive board you receive an unlimited number of licenses for school and you will be able to use Notebook software on a lot of devices.
You will receive a free account of interactive lessons in portal
Children will be engaged in the learning process.
You will gain a competitive advantage as students and parents prefer choosing technologically developed schools rather than not.
You will have an opportunity to participate in professional multi-level training.
You will be able to integrate the system with other manufacturers' projectors (you can use your existing projector).

About the SMART interactive whiteboards:

SMART boards have three different models: series of 400, 600 and 800.
Diagonals of SMART  interactive whiteboards: 77 inches (195 cm), 87 inches (221 cm).

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