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BMK is the leader of providing office equipment in Lithuania. We offer printers, scanners, MFP and shredders; high variety of services, solutions and software, also maintenance of all the offered equipment. We will provide the best and most suitable equipment and software for you after a profound analysis of your business specifics and organization of work processes, give professional advice and teach your employees to use the equipment.

BMK is a representative in Lithuania and Baltic states of the most famous office equipment manufacturers:

  • Manufacturers of digital copying, printing and scanning equipment: „Xerox“, „Lexmark“, „Epson“, HP, „Contex“.
  • Engineering equipment for printing, scanning and copying: „Xerox“, „Epson“, HP, „Contex“.
  • Manufacturer of shredders: „Rexel“.
  • Guarantee for equipment is provided, manufacturers‘ authorized technical centre will repair as soon as possible.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Specialists with experience of years, having analyzed your current situation, will provide you an optimal solution.  
  • Due to our proposed equipment you will reduce the printing expenditure, improve document security and having optimized the processes you will increase productivity and quality in work.
  • All the equipment offered is certified and  meets the highest standards of production, ecology and safety.
  • Free delivery of equipment, connection and training to use it will be provided. 
  • Guarantee for equipment is provided, manufacturers‘ authorized technical center will repair it as soon as possible.  

When do you need it?

Without the well-functioning office equipment, smooth operations at work cannot be done, therefore a special attention for office equipment procurement is needed. If you are establishing a new organization or developing your business, if you want to increase your work efficiency, you care about the safety of your documents or you wish to make saving, choose BMK: professionals of office equipment.

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22 years
BMK is a leader in the field of office equipment

100 %
 of equipment provided; connection and training how to use it is free of charge


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