Digital printing solutions (production pringting)

 About the solution

The current business world is very dynamic, every day new technological developments occur that foster us to think in different ways. The same is with the printing business. Digital printing has been a part of traditional offset printing for a while and the amount of it is growing every day. The demand on swift and fast high-quality print works is growing too. The average time of the production process have reduced significantly. Big competition, attracting new customers, reducing expenditure and increasing profits: this environment has become particularly important for business. These tasks are faced every day and there is a solution in order to tackle them: the solution of digital printing.

Benefits for organization

The market is always changing, becoming more demanding. This encourages seeking for cheaper, though effective tools in order to meet the needs of potential customers. One of these tools is directly personalized Variable Data Printing (VDP), which is easily applied at digital printing houses. Being accurate and fast are also very important factors in the process of digital printing. Due to the simplicity or difficulty of processes, production time takes from several minutes till few hours. New digital printing devices are designed for concrete customer‘s printing needs: from one unit to one thousand units. Therefore, you may print whatever you want and whenever you need it. Professional printing controllers will help you to print exact colors, create ICC profiles you choose to use and process files in a few seconds.

BMK specialists will help you to choose the most appropriate equipment for your business and will further proceed to giving advice due to your business development.

When you need it?

Wishing to successfully compete in the market, you have to offer your customers a widest range of products and to fulfill the orders quickly and in high-quality. Equipment of digital printing is a great solution in these cases:

For printing personalized marketing information:

      • Tools for advertising
      • Catalogues
      • Coupons
      • Discount cards
      • Brochures


For printing various products of polygraph and other methodological materials:

    • Books
    • Textbooks
    • Copies of unique or rare publications
    • Special publications for presents, anniversaries, presentations, etc.
    • Operating manuals, maintenance manuals
    • Journals and newspapers of enterprises
    • Photo albums
    • Art calendars


For printing secured documents:

  • Tickets
  • Coupons
  • Certificates
  • Diplomas




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45 %
all of the printed production was printed using digital printing machines in 2012  and this number is increasing rapidly.