"Kelprojektas", UAB: fair value of color copy

When project designer and photographer meet at the color printer, often dissatisfaction triggers a war between them. Why 3 little red communication lines in the scheme cost exactly the same as the copy of rich colored landscape? At this point the project designer nervously wraps up his scheme to a pipe wishing to stab the artist in a combat.


Color printing is equally expensive without a consideration whether it is a copy of a gorgeous sunset sky by the seaside or thin red lines and a dot. Project designers make and read schemes on a daily basis and a common situation that they face is dissatisfaction of monstrous prices of copying their documents that use small amount of paint. However, color copies are necessary, thus construction companies do their best in order to reduce printing expenditures.

Where the fair value is hiding at?

Price for rentals of printers with full technical service is usually standard, as all color prints are quoted the same. The fair value of prints is determined by the amount of paint covered on a paper, therefore in this situation companies that design and make projects of public premises, transport and engineering infrastructure loses significantly.

 ‚The biggest problem of this kind of pricing is that there is no differentiation that would depend on amount of paint covering a document. Typical laser equipment do not have this technical solution  that allows to charge regarding to the exact color covering level used as these printers can only distinguish between color and black-and-white prints. Companies that have tested „Xerox ColorQube“ claim that it is exceptionally eco-friendly as it leaves about 90 percent less waste‘. Andrius Jakimavičius, the project manager, „Biznio mašinų kompanija“, says.

Solid ink cost less

In order to reduce printing expenditures companies are looking for innovative technology solutions. Recently „Biznio mašinų kompanija“ presented to the country‘s market a product line of „Xerox“ multifunction printers „ColorQube”.

These devices determine optimal coloring according to the number of dots on paper. Thus, little amount of color is used and printing prices stay the same as in black-and-white. Despite the paper type used in an office quality of prints is warranted by new technology „Solid Ink“ that uses crayon-like ink rather than liquid.

’Companies that have tested the device „Xerox ColorQube“ claim that it is notably environmentally friendly as it leaves about 90 percent less waste and more importantly, coloring level of prints are priced differently, therefore up to 75 percent of color prints are few times cheaper than it would be by using traditional laser printers‘. Andrius Jakimavičius tells. These economical devices are used by „Kelprojektas“, one of the largest transport infrastructure engineering companies in Lithuania. The company at the work process comprises maximal demand of different levels of color covering prints and has been using these printers for few months.

 ‚Amounts of printing and differentiation of color covering levels are diverse, as it depends on separate months, therefore only after a year the exact costs will be known. However, calculated that one device prints about 20 thousand pages per month on average, we may claim that we received better quality, environmentally friendly equipment without increasing expenditure. ‘Judita Leikienė, leader of asset management department, company „Kelprojektas“, says.


Confidential information does not lay scattered in the office anymore

A lot of administrators from various companies note that hustling between colleagues emerge often at the general use printers (bendro naudojimo spausdintuvai). Some of employees are waiting for prints they have ordered, others are pushing through them to get their prints timely. Sometimes it seems like this complex intersection really needs a traffic light. Unsolved problems only grows like printed but forgotten to be picked piles of documents, yet lots of documents in that pile might be especially important and confidential.

The multifunctional printer „Xerox ColorQube”, which was introduced to the company, has the integrated confidentiality of printed documents „Ysoft safeQ” solution. All documents that are ordered to be printed may be picked at the nearest printer in the office and printing only starts when user confirms his/her ID. As long as user does not arrive, printing simply does not start.