Success stories

Better Printing Process at Lietuvos Paštas `15/05/04

 Lietuvos paštas, AB, is one of the most progressive state-owned companies, which is currently reorganizing their business model rapidly, optimizing their management, expanding the range of servic... >

Printing Expense Falls More than Half: Mission Possible! `15/05/04

  Printing Expense Falls More than Half: Mission Possible! Are you aware that you can save more than half the price you paid for printing before, without changing the printing amount? ... >

User-friendly printing service for Vilnius University students `13/09/09

We do not miss a chance to take pride in the Lithuania‘s achievements in the field of information technology while speaking about rapidly growing digital society. Lithuania ranks one of the highest in the World for the Internet speed.... >

"Kelprojektas", UAB: fair value of color copy `13/05/03

When project designer and photographer meet at the color printer, often dissatisfaction triggers a war between them. Why 3 little red communication lines in the scheme cost exactly the sam... >

"Šiaulių Bankas" have chosen Managed Print Services `12/01/19

It was noticed that external... >