Quality Policy

BMK is committed to the delivery of safe and effective products to customers, the regular quality improvement process, which is conducted in compliance with Quality Management System ISO 9001. Teamwork and active participation in quality improvement process ensures that company’s aims and customer’s satisfaction goals are met. The highest standard of the company’s quality is meeting customer’s expectations.

Our aim is to be the best supplier of our customer. Attainment of quality goals is the main task of all the company’s employees. 

Quality Management System, which was created by BMK, guarantees the regular quality improvement process.

This is an opportunity to provide a high quality products and services that meets customer’s demands and expectations. The regular monitoring and management of quality system enables creation of long-term and professional cooperation atmosphere between employees of companies, customers, Lithuanian and foreign partners and other interested parties.

Quality aims:

  • Endeavor to better understanding of our customer’s expectations and to comply with exact conformance by introducing new technology and improving our working methods.
  • Choosing providers of goods and services that fulfill the customer’s needs. 
  •  To monitor and evaluate the quality of planning and implementation processes continuously, which eliminate the consequences of mistakes and most importantly enable mistake avoidance.
  • Improvement of processes' efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Training the competitive personnel which enable them to seek the aims of quality management system.
  • Ensuring that knowledge of employees would continuously increase and all of the employees would be involved into quality management.
  • To develop personal responsibility of employees' performance enabling and encouraging further professional training.
  • Exploration of global technological developments of the field and implementation of developments in practice enabling customers to get the latest solutions installed.