History of BMK


  • BMK starts collaboration with Apple.
  • BMK becomes a partner of DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of 3D scanners.
  • BMK becomes officially accredited as XPPS (Xerox Partner Print Services) Provider. It is a big step towards the next level of printing services.


  • BMK expands business activities in the field of production printing. BMK becomes the official representative of Plockmatic in Lithuania and presents a whole range of document finishing equipment to the market.


  • BMK expands business activities in the field of training tools and sells the first 3D printer.
  • BMK expands business activities in the field of training tools and makes a contract with one of the largest manufactures of vehicle driving simulators in the world.
  • BMK presents the solution of Managed Print Services in Latvian and Estonian markets.
  • Partnership with Robotel gives opportunity to present specialized language learning laboratories, Language Lab Solutions to Lithuanian and Latvian markets.  
  • BMK makes a distributor agreement with a Japanese company TOA, which produces audio equipment and offers various sound solutions to the market.
  • BMK becomes a partner of Samsung Platinum Company.


  • BMK becomes a part of Atea Baltic, UAB.


  • A new printing service of Managed Print Services (MPS) is presented to the market.


  • Partnership with Ysoft gives opportunities to present specialized solution of printing accounting and management solutions.


  • BMK is expanding a variety of training tools and becomes an exceptional representative of Smart Technologies in Lithuania. The leading interactive boards are presented to Lithuanian educational institutions.  


  • BMK becomes a representative of Casio projectors.

2002 m.

  • BMK actively enters the market of training tools and presents interactive boards to the market in Lithuania. BMK becomes a partner of Mimio and Shara Presentations.


  • BMK signs a contract with 3M, the authorized service center of Toshiba projectors.


  • The digital printing house–publisher BMK was established.
  • BMK signed a contract with Xerox regarding sales of system products and services.


  • BMK expands their activities and enters the business of projectors.


  • Business partnership with 3M and Toshiba companies.


  • IBM becomes a business partner.
  • Xerox becomes an exceptional business partner in Lithuania.


  • BMK becomes a representative of RANK XEROX in Lithuania.
  • BMK copying center was established.
  • "Biznio mašinų kompanija" was established.